Monday, November 19, 2012

BNSF "Executive" Power Part 2

First off let me apologize for being tardy with new posts as of late. I will be returning to my regular schedule of two blog posts a week!

In my previous post I began to discuss my first encounter of three with the BNSF "executive" paint scheme locomotives on Pam Am lines. Looking back, that was a great encounter and the next day I was again lucky in catching these units in Waterville, while visiting family.

October 28th was a gloomy Sunday with an increasingly dark sky. I was actually quite worried that it was going to rain before I could get any decent photos. On the drive up it began to rain and steadily increased until Augusta. Luckily, in Waterville it was a light sprinkle. I stopped by Maine Central #470 to see if could see the units, but to no avail.

I drove further down the road running parallel to the Waterville yard. As I was driving slowly along I caught a glimpse of the green and cream colored paint scheme. I pulled over and snapped two photos between two box cars. I have to apologize in advance for not catching better photos during the day time. 
Executive Unit in Background
Seeing that I was not going to be able to get any better shots I moved on and met up with the family in Fairfield. Soon I heard the familiar sounds of train horn and rushed to catch whatever train was going by. I pulled up to one of the many railroad crossings and could see the Sappi local returning from the Sappi Mill.
Sappi Local in Background, MP 111 in Foreground

The Sappi local approached at a brisk pace with newly painted GMTX 3005 leading with MEC 348 behind. It was a short train and I followed it back to the Waterville yard, but was unable to get any additional photos due to the oil cans.
MEC # 348

Artistic shot
That ends the story of the BNSF units I caught over a two day period. . . . or so I thought. Returning to Auburn through Lewiston, I could see the tail end of a train heading south. Surprisingly it was the three BNSF executive units. I headed to my usual night photography spot at Denny's in Auburn and waited. Below are three of the last shots that I got of these beautiful and rare units.

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